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Spend two days discovering the inherent relationship between the Brain and our Movement Ability. In this 2-day workshop we cover...

  • Complex Movement and it's role in creating a healthier brain and body
  • Gymnastic-based movement progressions for building strength, skill, flexibility and coordination
  • Neuromuscular assessments and interventions for improving muscular imbalances
  • Functional Neurological assessments and drills that will allow you to quickly and effectively get more accurate information on movement compensations
  • and much much more...
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Fundamentals of Applied Movement Neurology

This course starts the journey into Applied Movement Neurology. With over 100 Movement based tutorials that cover Strength, Skill and Flexibility it is the go-to resource for anyone invested in improving the way they experience Movement.


Designed for any movement enthusiast, regardless of age, experience or fitness level. This course will coach you through how to perform the movements you need to improve your Movement ability.

If you've always dreamt about learning Handstands and other gymnastic strength movements, or struggle with improving your flexibility...this is the ultimate resource.

This course is open to anyone, and does not require any formal qualifications. 

Currently closed for enrolments

Fundamentals PRO

Designed for Personal Trainers and Movement Coaches, this version of the Fundamentals expands on the Video Library of over 100 Movement tutorials, and includes sections on Manual Muscle Testing, Partner Stretching, Foam Rolling and Neurological Reflexive Facilitation.

This course culminates in the Certified AMN Coach qualification upon successful completion of the exam at the end.

This Fundamentals Pro is only open to qualified Health and Fitness Professionals

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Therapy and Pain Management Certifications

Enrollments Open for the Practitioner Certifications July 2017

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MASTER Practitioner

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