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Neuro-Flexibility LIVE COURSE
13th & 14th of October 2018, Sydney

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Are you a Personal Trainer interested in Corrective Exercise who is passionate about helping your clients’ move and feel better?

You’ve more than likely realised that most of your clients spend most of their day chained to a desk, stressed out and moving very little. The result is often poor posture, movement compensations and chronic pain.

Improving someone’s mobility can go a LONG way to helping people feel dramatically better. The problem is, mobility can be incredibly hard to improve in clients who see us, generally, just a few times a week.

Traditionally it’s often a long (and sometimes painful) process of stretching certain muscles and results are often hit and miss.

That’s why we’ve put together the 2-Day Neuro-Flexibility Course specifically for Trainers and Movement Coaches who want to learn the tools and techniques necessary to often-times INSTANTLY improve someone’s movement capacity. 

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Professional Certifications in Therapy and Pain Management

Enrollments Open November 2018

Only opens twice per year. Places fill quickly