Following the successful release of the AMN Fundamentals Pro Course, I firstly want to thank each and every one of you for you interest, curiosity and support.

So why do we think pursuing complex movement skills is such a worthwhile endeavour?

Well I think we’ve pretty much established that it is superior to more traditional forms of exercise as it stimulates the brain and nervous system, as well as building strength, mobility, coordination, motor control and flexibility.

Is there a way to define a meaning of each of these  physical qualities? The health & fitness industry is guilty of compartmentalising the body & it’s motor functions but nothing ever happens in isolation.

The performance of the body is always the sum of the whole!

In a word, we can define the sum of the parts as FREEDOM.

I cannot think of any situation where higher levels of freedom equals anything other than happiness.

Imagine being able to move through space in any direction, in any way that you can imagine, cutting the amount of times you say ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘I wish I could do that’ in half or more!

If we are not free, we’re trapped. Locked inside restricted minds and bodies of unrealised potential!

The attainment of freedom doesn’t happen over night, or even within months.

It takes years.

Through the process of training and practice we remove one shackle at a time. Progressing from being able to extend the spine normally to a back bridge, to walk over to back handspring.

I am a huge fan of Breakdancing and these movements shall play a key role in some of next years courses and tutorials that we have coming up for you all.

Until then check out this video of B-boy Issue of the Morning of Owl crew.

He has true movement freedom. 

This is the sort of thing we should aspire to, not some air brushed, bleach toothed, fitness magazine cover model that tazers himself every time he thinks about a piece of chocolate.. 😉

 Practice builds skill and skill builds freedom!

See you at the workshops!

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