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The Academy of Applied Movement Neurology leads the way for forward-thinking Health Care professionals in complimentary therapy, pain, and injury rehabilitation techniques, as well as performance enhancement training modalities.

With over 2,000 students and practitioners across more than 50 countries and reaching over 2 million people a month with our video tutorials, lessons, and articles our team are fast becoming the go-to experts in a variety of health related fields.

And for the first time ever, we’re opening our Academy to Professionals and interested non-professionals alike with the AMN Academy Archives Membership.

The AMN Archive is an exclusive, members only community open to anyone interested in optimising their brain, their health, athletic performance and increasing their understanding of the Brain and Body as an integrated system.

This Archive will give you unprecedented access to our training and treatment system

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ONLINE CLASSES - Updated Each Month

Online Exercise and Training Classes allowing you to train with us live, ask us questions and get expert training and advice no matter where in the world you are.

We’ll also archive all live lessons in the members area so that you can go back over your favourite classes as many times as you like.

We’ll be covering topics like


Everybody should meditate. This has now been proven by the scientific community without question. We'll provide guided meditations, interviews and articles by neuroscientist, to help you reap the incredible health benefits from this simple yet essential practice.

Strength Training

Covering everything from traditional strength training and programming to Calisthenics, Gymnastics and Complex Movement. Our Strength Classes are aimed at building real-world strength, that is useful and adaptable and helps you excel at whatever you pursue.


Flexibility training is, in a lot of cases, poorly understood and under appreciated. We'll be conducting Live Flexibility Training sessions, exactly as we would with the athletes and clients we work with giving you the opportunity to gain freedom and control in your movement.

Brain-Based Performance Drills

Understanding how the brain works is the first step to unlocking the incredible benefits that come from training with your Brain and Nervous system in mind. Learn from experts in Neurology ways to 'hack' the body for improved function and health.

Self Defence and Combat

Learn a variety of Martial Arts techniques from Internationally recognised fighters and coaches. Great for self defence and fantastic for athletic conditioning

Nutrition and Supplementation

One of the HARDEST subjects to understand, due largely to the vast amount of misinformation out there. We cut through the noise and interview the best and brightest in this field so that you can know what works, and what doesn't.


You can and SHOULD teach an old dog new tricks. Coordination (or lack thereof) is not a fixed trait. Understanding the types of training that can improve this essential element of movement training will help you become graceful and more balanced.


Get advice on how to get the most out of your body. From fixing issues with your Circadian Biology to address things like Insomnia, to how we can affect endocrine function for a better hormonal balance.

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From Around The World

Always inspired when I watch your stuff...
Doing your online courses has been the most rewarding thing I've ever done (after my kids!)
for so many reasons...

Kardia E.
Kardia E.

My wife was having a bit of an anxiety attack on Friday. I took an AMN approach to helping her...Her heart rate dropped back to normal quite quickly and she felt a lot more calm.

John C
John C

So GREAT to be able to be apart of all of your input... This stuff is indeed life changing for individuals.. and will change the world of fitness in a very short time period..

Terimoana G
Terimoana G

My son's doing gymnastics (following in his dad's foot steps!) and is now at a higher level. Flexibility training is less fun now let's say 'cause he's pretty tight!

I just did an experiment with him.
For hamstring stretch (that will help his right and left split) I did the proprioception exercise (finger on the ball of the foot) mixed with flexors activation (pushing forehead into my head) and followed with PNF (5-10-15 sec) and got amazing results!!!

Did the same "protocol" for his middle split but with the extensor activation (pushing head back into my hand) and got amazing improvement there as well!

Eric S
Eric S

Plus Guest Interviews, Classes and Lectures

Live Q&A Sessions:

Ask us anything. Want to know the best ways to train for handstands, interested in facilitating under active muscles or maybe you just really want to know the latest advancements in gaining muscle hypertrophy? Ask our experts anything in our Live Q&A Sessions and get the answers straight away.

Regular Updates:

The AMN Archives will be updated twice a month with every single tutorial, article, interview and class. Plus we'll be going Live in the Private Facebook Group with classes you can attend. All hosted in one place, organised, easy to search and available anywhere in the world 24-7.

AMN Co-Founder and Head of Education

David Fleming, BHS, HHCP

David started out in the Health and Fitness Industry over 17 years ago as a Personal Trainer. After finding that his passion was for learning, he started a variety of further education.

Fast forward nearly two decades and after studying everything from functional biomechanics to neurology he is now studying towards a PhD in Integrated Medicine and is a Board Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) If I can't join in with the Classes you run Live, can I get access to them later?

A) Absolutely! Every single lesson, interview, lecture and class will be uploaded to the Archive to view whenever, wherever you like.

Q) I'm not a Health or Fitness Professional, will I understand the lessons and classes?

A) Definitely. Our mission with this Archive is to make this information available to absolutely anyone with an interest in Health and Fitness.

Q) How will I know what classes are coming up and when they are?

A) We keep a calendar of all upcoming classes that you can view on our website at any time here. Plus we'll make announcements and reminders in the Facebook group where we'll be streaming all the Live Videos.

Q) Who will be teaching the classes?

A) Everything will be led by David, AMN's head of education. We'll also be having guest coaches and experts regularly. We'll update the group on who we'll be talking to via the calendar and Private Facebook group.