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Are You a Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist, or Other Practitioner Who Wants to Help Your Clients Perform Better and Overcome Painful Mobility Issues and Injuries?

Get Your Clients Out of Pain and Performing at Their Peak Fast... While Setting Yourself up as a Sought After Specialist With:

The Academy of Applied Movement Neurology's

Neuro-Skeletal Certification

As a world leader in neuroscience as it relates to human movement, pain, and dysfunction, the Academy of Applied Movement Neurology has created a cutting-edge course to help you get your clients and patients the relief and enhanced performance they desire. Through this unique and incredibly effective certification course, you will discover how to apply functional neurological techniques to rapidly identify and resolve your clients’ mobility issues.

Our neuro-skeletal screen is ideal for Chiropractors, Osteopaths, high level personal trainers, and other professionals helping clients in a one-on-one setting with performance enhancement, pain management, injury rehabilitation, and movement coaching. Whether you are a yoga instructor, personal trainer, chiropractor, osteopath, or a physical therapist, you will love how this technique helps you boost your success and expertise in the industry while keeping your clients happier than ever!

By the Time You Finish This Course, You'll Know
Everything You Need to Help Your Clients:

  • Improve communication between the brain and body from the perspective of the motor system
  • Overcome chronic stiffness and tightness
  • Reduce pain
  • Experience better range of motion and overall movement
  • Increase strength
  • Enhance balance, coordination, and the ability to learn new movements

… All with the AMN Neuro-Skeletal Screen and specialized techniques you learn when you enroll in this game-changing certification course!

What Is the Neuro-Skeletal Screen and How Does It
Deliver Such Accurate and Effective Results?

The AMN Neuro-Skeletal Screen is a unique information-gathering system that enables you as a movement therapist to pinpoint exactly where communications between the brain and body are poorly calibrated. With our easy-to-follow, ultra accurate assessment, you’ll be able to identify and calibrate these issues for your clients quickly and easily.

Unlike other movement screens, our Neuro-Skeletal Screen also allows you to resolve abnormal or restricted movement through both intrinsic protocols (which cue the nervous system to correct itself) and extrinsic protocols (specific exercises and drills). This means you'll be able to provide clients with astounding results in their movement and performance.

With this highly accurate and effective screen, you’ll be looking at how the whole body functions as a system, rather than just individual joints and muscles. This enables you to detect with skill where the breakdowns in communications are happening so that you can improve your clients' movement ability, freedom, and quality of life.

Become the Most In-Demand Practitioner in Your Area

Learn How the AMN Neuro-Skeletal Screen Certification Can Take Your
Career to the Next Level…

  • Become a Resident Expert

    This certification enables you to offer a service unlike any other personal trainer or practitioner in your area so that you become a highly sought after specialist

  • Charge Premium Rates

    By offering specialized services and staying at the top of your field, you can earn more money by charging higher rates. Many of our practitioners are currently charging 2 to 3 times the average rate for therapists in their area and are booked solid.

  • Eliminate Guesswork

    The unique assessment you learn from AMN’s course is derived from functional neurology and allows you to quickly and easily pinpoint your client’s issue and resolve it. You waste less time, and your clients are thrilled with how fast you can deliver results!

  • Increase Referrals

    Turn your client base into a hoard of raving fans. By improving your clients’ freedom of mobility, by coaching them in learning new movements and enhancing their performance, and by relieving their chronic pain, you’ll become their hero. This will spark a fan club of happy clients who can’t wait to show their friends the results and tell everyone how you’ve changed their life for the better!

  • Stay at the Top of Your Field

    Now, you can stay ahead of the competition in the health and fitness industry with a cutting-edge certification that allows you to deliver real results like nobody else.

Plus, You're Going to Love the Simple Certification

The AMN Neuro-Skeletal Screen Certification is extremely practical, allowing you to learn everything you need to know to help improve your clients' or patients' movement during our 2-day live seminar and following at home practice and study.

Here's how this 5-step certification process works

  • You'll attend a LIVE 2-day seminar covering the core elements of this targeted assessment that goes beyond any standard movement screen to deliver powerful results
  • You have 6 weeks following the live seminar to go through our manual and study guide, talk to other practitioners in the online forum, and go over additional material in our video library
  • During this 6-week period, you'll start applying the techniques of the neuro-skeletal screening to your client base for real-world, hands-on experience
  • At the end of the 6 weeks, you'll get access to a group coaching call where you can ask questions, present case studies, and get help with problem cases
  • After the group call, you'll take a short assessment. Upon successful completion, you will be awarded your official AMN certification.

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Makes Applied Movement Neurology Easy to Understand and Apply…

Dr Mark Wade and Dr Krista Burns from the American Posture Institute.


Scott Robinson

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