Thank You Arnold, but it’s time to move on.

The Health and Fitness Industry truly owes the Austrian Oak a huge debt of gratitude.

Before the 1970’s the job of a Personal Trainer didn’t really exist. From the power of Arnold’s 22″ biceps gradually sprung an industry where people joined health clubs and gyms to better their physiques and then gradually over more years the, role of the personal trainer has become more accepted and thankfully a little more respected than it once was.

The understanding that Health and Fitness can be applied as preventative medicine has taken slightly longer to work it’s way into people’s consciousness, but it’s definitely become a major part of why now people go to the gym and also why people seek out experts such as yourself to improve their quality of life.

Parallel to this awareness, there has been and continues to be vast amounts of research done in the field of Sports Science, and the education available to the intelligent and curious trainer has generated a thought process that the classic bodybuilding approach of fast digesting proteins, strange seated linear exercises and the bizarre misconception that someone is a ‘warrior’ due to an infatuation with dumbbells might not be the one size fits all for the average personal training client.

We Thank You Arnold, But It’s Time to Move On!


Good trainers read, take courses and encourage clients to follow a particular educators system or ideals. Biomechanics, muscle activation, Pilates, strength and conditioning etc etc. Great trainers read and take courses but always strive to understand the bigger picture!

To truly understand human function you must first accept that you will probably never completely understand human function.  Click to Tweet

There is a life time of learning ahead. The bigger picture is ever expanding through research in neuroscience, behaviour, learning, performance enhancement, functional neurology and the sub conscious mind. Behind it all is one thing, our master system.

The inescapable truth that our brains are in charge of EVERYTHING.

As a trainer and therapist of some 15 years I have continuously scratched an academic itch to understand how the body works and how I can ensure that my clients really get what they pay a premium rate per hour for.

Great movement skills, better health, less pain and a better brain!

Out of this long term study, accreditations, internship, deep thought and practical application, AMN Academy was born.

Applied Movement Neurology is a brain focused system. We clear pain, work to optimise function and promote a multi discipline, complex movement exercise system.

We primarily teach concepts of functional neurology to trainers and therapists under the pretext that the brain is the governing or master system of the body.

We do not treat neurological conditions or illnesses, rather we apply a deeper understanding of the bigger picture to fulfil our roles as health and wellness professionals by promoting recovery from pain, injury and movement dysfunction

The AMN exercise system promotes complex movement progressions that engage the trainee in the process of learning. The way we move, eat and think affects our brains and subsequently our health.

We draw on martial arts, gymnastics, dance, hand balancing and tricking to cover strength, skill, coordination, balance, mobility, flexibility and free flow movement.

We never have to wait for equipment, worry if the client is getting bored with relentless lunges and bicep curls. We don’t train for training’s sake, we get people out of pain faster than any of the top practitioners in the world and we don’t even need to be in a health club to do it.

We invite you to indulge your curiosity and promise to awaken the thought that what you and your clients are capable of far outweighs what the dogmatic, over subscribed health club environment provides.