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  • Saturday, 30th of May 2015
  • 11am London
21 Piccadilly

Applied Movement Neurology

A huge amount of research is coming out every day from the field of Neuroscience on the benefits of complex motion. Not only is it beneficial for a strong adaptable body but it's essential for developing your brain as well. AMN is currently the only resource in the world to have put the research into an actionable system for Fitness Professionals!

Running Order

10:30am : Arrival / Orientation

11am : Introduction to the AMN System

11:15am : Neural Assessments - Learn a barrage of applicable assessments you can start using with your clients immediately to help clear movement disfunction and improve performance

11:45 : AMN Neural Warmup and Athletic Drills

12pm : AMN Complex Movement Patterns - Discover exactly what we mean when we talk about Movement Intelligence™, how it pertains to human movement and how to start applying this type of movement to your practice

1:30pm : Lunch

2pm : AMN Visuo-Motor Drills - Some fun and challenging co-ordination drill that will help fire up the vestibular system by driving the vestibulo ocular reflex

3pm : Special Guest Coach - TBA (In the past we have had coaches like Calli Nelle, stunt man from Guardians of the Galaxy. Adam Rae, stuntman from Avengers : Age of Ultron and Sammy Dinneen, one of Europe's most gifted hand-balancers)

4pm - Tricking and Tumbling - This is not to be missed. We have a 700sq foot inflatable airtrax that will make tumbling completely safe and achievable, even for the complete beginner.

5pm - Open Mat Time

6pm - Wrap Up and Farewell

This was an exhausting, and stimulating day. Exhausting because we covered a lot of material but constantly stimulating so that I didn’t notice that I was exhausted until the end. My only quibble with the workshop is that it is advertised as a resource for Personal Trainers. I would say that it’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is either a movement professional, or just interested in human movement for themselves, to explore a mind-body approach to exercise that is firmly based in science. Everything that we were taught is scaleable, and follows progressions so that good movement patterns are embedded from the start, serving as a foundation for developing progressively more complex movement. I’ve done quite a lot of body weight exercise and still learned some new progressions and cues. Luke and David are great coaches (the numbers meant that we could all get some individualised attention) and obviously well connected, because the guest coach was both a brilliant teacher and an amazing, inspiring mover. I came away with plenty of new tools that I can implement straight away (and I’m not a Personal Trainer), so it was both a great experience and great value.

Mike Perry, Pilates in Motion

Become an Expert

  • Specialists Are Sought After

    If you are able to offer a service that is unlike any other provider in your area, people will seek you out. AMN Provides you with a system of assessment and coaching that will set you up as the resident expert

  • Build Your Network

    Our workshops are attended by Fitness Professionals from all over the world and are run by various coaches that are at the top of their fields. Building a strong professional network is crucial for the success of any business.

  • Charge a Premium Rate

    It goes without saying that if you’re at the top of your profession you’ll be able to command a much higher rate. Our practitioners are currently charging over £100 an hour and are booked solid

Genuinely Deliver

  • Assessment

    Take the guess work out of training and treating your clients. Our unique assessment protocols are derived from the field of Functional Neurology. They allow a practitioner to find out exactly what’s going on and what to do about it.

  • Endless Referrals

    By incorporating this unique system of movement and coaching into your practice your clients will become your best advertisers. We regularly hear stories about people showing their friends their latest Body-weight training trick or skill. Imagine the buzz that creates for your business!

  • Don't Get Left Behind

    Stay at the forefront of this highly competitive industry and ensure your longevity as a Fitness Professional for years to come

What Will I Learn on the Day?

  • AMN Complex Movement Patterns : What are they and why should I be using them?
  • How to assess and instantly improve my client's strength using AMN Neuro Hacks
  • Why the Brain is the most important part of every training regime
  • How to generate endless referrals by establishing yourself as an expert
  • Loaded and Reflexive mobility sequences and drills
  • Joint Mobility Sequencing
  • Bio-Feedback self assessment techniques
  • Awesome Bodyweight Skill like Handstands, Muscle Ups, Levers and much much more...

An Endless Supply of Coaches

We source the best coaches from all over the world in a variety of different disciplines. Learn from masters in Wushu, Gymnastics, Dance, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Parkour, and much much more....

This means that no two of our workshops are ever the same allowing you to attend and benefit every time

Step off the Hamster wheel of Traditional Training and engage the brain in new and complex ways

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