Discover How To Get Instant, Jaw-Dropping Results

By Utilising Brain-Based Training and Therapy

Learn some of the core principals of Applied Movement Neurology that will allow you to help your clients clear pain, improve performance and eliminate movement dysfunction in this 1-Day Live Workshop

For Personal Trainers and Therapists Dealing With Movement Dysfunction and Improving Performance

In this Live, 1-day Workshop AMN Academy Director of Education, David Fleming, will show you how to seamlessly integrate an energy-based healing modality into your existing AMN process. Our entire therapeutic system is based on the ‘identification of need’ and application of ‘appropriate resource’ to trigger healing. 

Here’s some of what we’re going to cover…


  • The current, cutting edge research on energy healing. 
  • Research and understanding of mind-matter interactions
  • How to trigger the innate capacity to heal with the hands
  • Discover how to identify exactly when this frequency of calibration is needed to apply it accurately and effectively with clients straight away!
  • Get a clear, in-depth understanding of exactly what Energy Healing is, when to use it and how it works. 

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  • Instructor: David Fleming
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Format: Live
  • Location: London UK
  • Date: Feb 29th 2020

David Fleming

Co-founder & Director of Education – AMN Academy

David started in the Health and Wellness Industry nearly 20 years ago as a Personal Trainer. Over the years he developed a fascination with corrective modalities that led him to study Functional Biomechanics, Functional Neurology and more recently Biophysics. 

David is currently pursuing a PhD in Integrative Medicine as well as certifications in Functional Medicine.

Enroll Now For Just $399 USD

Career-defining question for every Trainer or Therapist working with Patients and Clients to help them move better, reduce injuries and improve athletic performance…

…If there was a ground-breaking way for you to understand and apply the seemingly impossible into your therapeutic sessions which can trigger a host of physiological changes at the deepest level
…Would you want to know how to do it?

If your answer is “YES!” here’s what you need to know:

At this moment in time, the old, mechanical-clockwork view of the universe is in revision due to a deeper understanding of unity, connectivity, information, and energy.

We have never before had a greater understanding of how our bodies work. The energies and frequencies we perceive with our brains and nervous systems can expand to include the ‘subtle energy’ coursing through every one of us, with the AMN system first confirming that energy is appropriate for triggering healing, and then providing pinpoint accuracy as to where, when, and how.

I have uncovered new fundamental principles in healing and established a method that allows all of us to trigger a profoundly effective ‘frequency of calibration.’ This not only brings balance to the subtle energy centres of the body but can be used in every treatment session to enhance results.

If you’re like me, there may have been a time when you were skeptical of ‘energy healing.’ I know I was. As my understanding of the mechanisms has evolved, and as I’ve seen the process successfully applied over the last two years by multiple practitioners, utilising the hands to heal has become just like anything else…
The right tool at the right time to create change!

It remains the most exciting and unbelievable method that I have the pleasure of using as an AMN modality.

The right tool for the right job comes down to identifying the need of the person with whom you’re working. Sometimes to help them we need to trigger a piezoelectric response through tapping calibration, but as you will find, sometimes we need to calibrate with an even more fundamental frequency. I call this ‘intention calibration.’

As the scientific world-view continues to evolve, it brings a deeper understanding of the connection between us all. The AMN system expands and provides an ever more useful and applicable method for helping ourselves, clients, and loved ones to achieve and maintain the state of health we all desire!

The Fastest Way To Find The Core Problem Is To Ask The Brain and Nervous System Via Specific Assessment Protocols

Enroll Now For Just $399 USD



Theory and Principals

In this section, we will discuss the concept of energy and establish what is and isn’t known within the healing energy modalities.

We’ll also introduce concepts of unified physics and the implications for us as AMN practitioners and our daily lives.


  • Types of Energy Healing
  • Current Industry Research
  • Unified Physics and Standard Model Physics
  • Intention
  • Energy from the hands
  • Brain States
  • Need and Intention
  • Space conditioning


Energy Centres

In this section we’ll investigate the various descriptions of the chakra system and how they impact health and physiology

In this section we will be covering.


  • The science behind what’s been termed the Chakra System

  • Auras
  • High sense perception
  • Awareness (the bigger picture)


Intention Calibration

The goal is to provide you with a new frequency of calibration via a specific process.

We couple our attention and intention to trigger an innate physiological response that can be applied to the body to resolve dysfunction.

  • Muscle Testing
  • Learning the process
  • Practice the process



We’ll present the evolving theory on the application of energy, syntropy, coherence and more 

  • Consciousness
  • Awareness
  • Entropy and Syntropy
  • Meditation/Coherence and Intention Healing



As with all of AMN, we define when, where and how this frequency should be applied.

Here we shall discuss the direct and creative applications of intention calibrations for the energy centres and physical body across practitioner level 2 and 3 skill sets.

  • Defining when to use intention calibrations
  • Defining the parameters of intention calibration
  • What to expect

Enroll Now For Just $399 USD

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