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Brain-Based Exercise Prescription

All exercise is Neuro-protective…but not all exercise is created equal. Movement that engages the attention through novelty and complexity builds a much more robust brain and nervous system helping protect against common issues that are associated with a sedentary lifestyle and age.

Or, If you’re ready to gain genuine mastery and become a true expert in Movement, Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and Pain Resolution…
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Applied Movement Neurology Practitioner Certification

Become a Certified Applied Movement Neurology Practitioner and change people’s lives on a daily basis. Designed to incorporate elements of Functional Neurology, Biophysics, and Integrative Medicine into a systemized modality that is easy to apply and delivers jaw-dropping results. If you’re focused on helping people get free of pain, and resolve chronic health and movement related issues with a hands-on therapeutic approach, becoming an AMN Practitioner will make you stand out as an industry leader.

Neuro-Orthopaedic Corrective Exercise Specialist Program

You cannot be a corrective exercise specialist without fully understanding how to practically work with the brain. This 12-month mentorship program is for Fitness Professionals who are driven, dedicated and wanting to work with patients seeking corrective exercise. We’ll teach you how to confidently approach pre and post surgical cases, injury rehabilitation, pain and dysfunction through our unique system blending Neurology with Orthopaedics so that you can become a true corrective exercise specialist & an industry leader.

This program is invitation only, and not open to general admissions at this time. 

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