Applied Movement Neurology

Neuro-flexibility Seminar

Use Cutting Edge Techniques To Unlock Your Full Potential

Neuro-flexibility is a revolutionary approach for improving range of motion, removing restrictions and rebalancing movement patterns. This system is a two-part modality. It first teaches you to assess via the brain and nervous system so that you get laser-like accuracy and can immediately pinpoint the issues preventing a client or patient’s progress. We will then teach you how to prescribe the accurate interventions that get you results light-years away from traditional stretching.

The Neuro-flexibility method often greatly reduces or entirely eliminates pain associated with traditional stretching while also providing longer lasting results.

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    2 Full Days 

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    Live, Practical Workshop

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    Mid Career


    $880 Australian Dollars (Inclusive of GST)

    Venue :

    Movement HQ – Building 8, Forest Central Business Park,
    49 Frenchs Forest Road, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

    Date :

    June 19th & 20th 2021

    Time :

    10am – 5pm both days

    Presenter :

    Scott Robinson

    Admission Criteria

    Those who desire to be viewed as industry leaders in the realm of flexibility & mobility training. Ideally, this course is designed for manual therapists, coaches & trainers.

     Flexibility enthusiasts & those looking to direct the benefits of this system toward self-use, are welcome, however the level & volume of information in this course is tailored towards those who plan to use this system with patients, athletes or clients.

     This course ideal for those who desire to learn how to:

    • ‘Hack’ flexibility via the brain & the nervous system
    • Posturally / biomechanically correct existing muscular imbalances.
    • Immediately improve performance & lower risk of injury
    • Effectively tension muscles for stretches
    • Change the motor & sensory maps in the brain
    • Leave clients completely blown away with their new R.O.M.

    There is no prequisite knowledge or skillset requirements for entry to this course, however a basic understanding of human anatomy & physiology is advantageous.

    Seminar Running Order

    The Neuro-Flexibility Seminar brings together complex concepts of Applied Movement Neurology, into an extremely practical and easy to implement system for improving mobility and flexibility, sometimes in seconds, by learning how to directly interact with your clients’ brain and nervous system.

    DAY 1

    • Understanding the Neurology behind Flexibility
    • Understand Bioelectricity & it’s role in underpinning human nervous system function
    • Learn to apply skills for working with the autonomic nervous system
    • Learn effective coaching and cueing techniques
    • Understand pain, the threat response and how to work with them
    • Learn assessments for identifying the correct tissues to work with
    • Understanding the role of various reflexes and how to utilise them

    DAY 2

    • Understand how to define & achieve specific outcomes of flexibility
    • Refine & optimise Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching
    • Increase passive & active ROM in specific ‘target’ muscles
    • Correct neuromuscular imbalances
    • Unlock specific movement deficits & patterns
    • Create postural or biomechanic balance in the body
    • Learn & apply techniques to enhance the brain’s somatic maps of the body

    What Past Attendees Have Experienced

    If the Event needs to be cancelled due to changing COVID restrictions, you will receive a full and immediate refund

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