Professional Certification for Health And Wellness Practitioners

Combining Functional Neurology, Exercise Prescription, Biophysics, and Integrative Medicine into a comprehensive system of training and therapy for Career Personal Trainers and Complimentary Healthcare Practitioners. 

Practitioner Certifications

The AMN Practitioner Certifications are open to Professionals who work one-to-one with clients or patients in a rehabilitative capacity. They are specifically designed to improve dysfunction and eliminate pain. These Certifications contain elements of manual therapy so are suitable for high-level trainers and therapists.

Previous students have included Career Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and other complimentary health care providers.

Since 2011 we’ve enabled over 3,000 Trainers and Therapists in over 60 Countries to help people live better lives, often after they’d completely given up hope of being free from pain and dysfunction

Just A Few Of Our Satisfied Students