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Combining Functional Neurology, Complex Movement, Bioelectricity and Integrated Medicine into a comprehensive system that treats people as a whole, rather than individual parts. Bringing a whole new perspective to Holistic Health for the 21st Century.

Through our Professional Certifications, we have educated over 2,000 of the Healthcare Industry's best and brightest in over 50 countries.

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Never miss an AMN video tutorial again! Our channel focuses on muscle activation drills, complex movement exercises, injury rehabilitation tricks, and a whole lot more

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Hosted by David Fleming & Luke Sherrell, the Holistic Human Project brings to you the latest information on how to attain a complete picture of health in the modern world. With a true appreciation of treating the body as an integrated system, the AMN team tackle highly important topics with the help of the brightest minds in the health & wellbeing industry. The podcast is available on all platforms, including Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, & YouTube.

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