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Essentials of Brain-Based Corrective Exercise


2-Day Virtual Workshop For Fitness Professionals

Over the course of this 3-Day Virtual Workshop we’ll walk you through exactly how to start applying a Brain-Based approach to Corrective Exercise that yields dramatic, often instant, results. You’ll amaze your clients and generate endless referrals by helping people get free from pain and live a better quality of life.

AMN Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification

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Start your journey from a familiar reference point and learn exactly how Movement affects the Brain and how the Brain affects Movement.

Gaining an understanding of the Physiology of the Brain and Nervous System will help you see movement, muscle recruitment and muscular imbalances in a way that makes more sense, and will give you the confidence to eliminate these types of issues.

AMN Practitioner Certifications


Applied Movement Neurology Practitioner - Level 1 

Applied Movement Neurology Practitioner - Level 2 

Level 2 Electives: Brainstem, EMS, Neuromechanics & Sleep

Applied Movement Neurology Practitioner - Level 3 

Level 3 Electives: Fascia, Inflammation & Traumatic Brain Injury 



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