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  • Guys, I want to thank you because AMN has changed my business completely. On average I can resolve 80% of my cases in less than 30min!
    André Filon André Filon
  • I came to the AMN certification a little skeptical at first, but with an open mind. I left with a brand new perspective on how neurology could be applied to the body through this certification, and completely content with what I had learned. Since that moment, I have followed Dave & Luke through all of their teachings, and work. I can honestly say this is one of the best certifications you can take not only because the information is of the highest quality, but also because the team at the AMN Academy is of the highest caliber. They have the complete respect from us here at the American Posture Institute. We recommend this certification for all those wanting to take their knowledge to the next level.
    Dr Mark Wade D.C., PhD, Researcher, CPE, CPEP, AMN, PIPP Dr Mark Wade D.C., PhD, Researcher, CPE, CPEP, AMN, PIPP The American Posture Institute
  • I was working with a client who has MS and she had had a relapse and her leg movement was not smooth, very jumping and intermittent and lying on the table she only raise her leg 45Deg - maybe less. I decided to try the moves I watched Luke do on a video with proprioception and leg raises - amazing, full use of her leg up to 90 degrees and no signs of jerkiness in her movement. She was very happy
    Mary Hitchcock Mary Hitchcock
  • In the last few days I have cleared back pain, knee pain associated with osteoarthritis, Vertigo with serious balance issues, helped anxiety and pelvic floor problems. I started learning this stuff as a personal trainer, it's got completely out of control, i don't know what I am anymore. I've lost my identity and it's totally David Fleming who is to blame. Just when I think I'm settled, he throw's something else at me. Love you. That is all!
    Gareth Riddy Gareth Riddy

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